Vol 1. Splurge, Spend or Save?

Happy November my fellow beauty bingers. Can you believe the year is almost over already? I sure can’t. I’m sure by now the Christmas shopping plans are underway and whether you are willing to do a little splurge or are looking for items that do the job where you can save I’m here to help. I’ve decided to start this series called Splurge, Spend or Save. I’ll pick around 3 items for each series and then give you three options of each where you can either splurge, spend or save. I’ve selected products that I’ve tried or tested so as to give you options that I know will work. We don’t need to be shooting in the dark..bang bang. Ok, so before you nod off at your desk lets grab a coffee or tea (I’m on some herbal bronchial tea with honey my chest has been hit hard by the flu) and then let’s get started.

1. Foundation

  • SPLURGE: For today’s splurge I’ve chosen a cult or beauty guru favourite. If you are a frequent blog reader or tutorial watcher you’ll know about this beauty. The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (R 1054.50). It is an effortless smooth and silky coverage and is totally worth the price tag if you can afford it. Talk about a lightweight good coverage foundation

.Giorgio Armani Foundation

  • SPEND: I know I know i couldn’t write a blog post that spoke about foundation and not include MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (R 360.00). This is the airbrushed full coverage mother of all foundations and it lives forever in my makeup collection.

Studio Fix

  • SAVE: You don’t need to spend the earth to get a good quality foundation that works for you, and this is where the L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Mattifying Foundation comes in (R 189.00). It’s smooth and not drying which is surprising for a matte foundation and has pretty good coverage and a wide selection of colours too.

l'oreal infallible

2. Blush

  • SPLURGE: I’ve been trying out The Balm products recently and yup yup they are truly worth the hype. For a pretty highlight type of blush i suggest the Frat Boy blush by The Balm (R 320.00). In actual fact any of their blush colours are great the colour selection is just up to you.

frat boy

  • SPEND: MAC Powder Blush (R 245.00) is something that again seems to be growing in my makeup collection. The colour selection is just so pretty and versatile and the colours are pigmented, soft and always great quality for money. These blushes last me a long time.

blush mac

  • SAVE: This one is more than a save it’s a literal steal. Essence Silky Touch Blush (R 39.00). I’ve had this blush in my collection since i started to learn about makeup. Its soft and pigmented and lasts all day. The colour selection is great and it doesn’t break the bank. I used to use this blush everyday and have repurchased it multiple times. A definite thumbs up!


3. Mascara

  • SPLURGE: Long full and glam lashes. AHHHH i love lashes they transform your whole look, don’t believe me? Try a pair of falsies on for yourself and then start believing me =). Ok but in the case where you don’t want to wear false lashes everyday (I know i can only do it when i wear contact lenses they just don’t work with glasses) that’s where mascara comes in. My splurge item is MAC Zoom Lash ( R 210.00). I first got this as a sample when i purchased from MAC online ok i have like 3-4 samples but as i used it more and more i had to get myself the full tube. Thick luscious lashes that don’t clump and last through even a hard-core gym workout (tried and tested! Virgin Active has yet to break my face lol).

zoom lash

  • SPEND: Now this is my absolute favourite brand for mascara I would purchase this any day and still do. Its my everyday mascara. Maybelline Colossal Mascara (R 129.00). Maybelline knows how to capture my heart with their mascara the packaging the quality the performance, just take my money! If i had to pick only one this would be my winner.


  • SAVE: Now this mascara it works best for me when I’m prepping my lashes for some falsies or for when i want to add some drama to my lower lash line. It’s Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara (R 64.00). Honestly for the price tag you’d be surprised at what this little lady is actually capable of. Definite value for money.

lash princess

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if there are any specific items you would like me to add to this volume series e.g. concealers, highlighters, face creams etc. I will try my best to diversify it up so also use facial and body care items and not just makeup. Well that’s all from me so I hope you have a wonderful and productive week.




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