My Top 10 MAC Products

Anybody that knows me knows I am MAC obsessed. You honestly just need to take one look at my collection and you’d see it for yourself. I know that a lot of people complain about MAC for the following reason 1) their foundations make people break out 2) they are really expensive 3) that store is very intimidating to walk into and the people who work there are not always so friendly and 4) their stuff is almost always sold out and it takes forever for new stock to come in.

Ok so here is my view. I’ve never had an issue with breakouts from my mac products so I think it’s a very person specific issue, you’d need to try it out in order to know. Yes they can be a little pricey but its worth it. Their products last me a long time, it’s really great quality and they work! Yes for a makeup beginner the store is intimidating when you don’t know what you want and sometimes you get an unfriendly assistant but it’s not always and the more you go in the better it gets and just know that they are there to help you so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and for them to try stuff on you. Lastly unfortunately yes they do run out of stock fast but I guess there is nothing really we can do about it, that’s what happens with a popular brand.

So I thought to make it a little easier I thought id share my Top 10 favorite MAC products with you. I hope you enjoy.

1. Foundation

Ok so I couldn’t just pick one…I know I know but I did limit it to two and for valid reason. The first one is the Waterweight Fluid Foundation. This is a light coverage but its buildable to at least a medium coverage. It’s a really good foundation for everyday use as it’s not heavy and legit feels light as a feather. It’s a new release and I’ve been trying out for the past few weeks and I love it. It also has  SPF 30 which for me is always a benefit of any foundation the higher the better. It covers redness but still leaves you looking covered yet natural. If you have a lot of areas you need to cover up or scaring I wouldn’t suggest this one but if you have fairly clear skin then this one is a winner.

Next is the Studio fix fluid foundation. The holy grail of full coverage foundations. If you want to look airbrushed to perfection this is your winner. It’s a heavier foundation so I wouldn’t suggest it for everyday wear but more for going out or special events. I believe its SPF 15 so not as high as the later but still really great. Like the Waterweight foundation it comes in a wide range of shade so almost everyone will find their perfect shade! Just go to the MAC counter and ask an assistant to help you find the right shade and foundation for you =)

waterweight foundation studio fix fluid

2. Prepping and Setting Spray

Don’t you just love a product that can do a million things at once! I certainly do. Fix plus can be used firstly to prep your face before you add foundation which one cools you down and helps to evenly lay the foundation over your face. Secondly it can be used to help up the pigment of eye shadows and powder products, and lastly it helps to set your makeup once you are done. A definite must have in your makeup kit! They recently came out with limited edition scented ones (which sold out really fast) but I managed to get my hands on the coconut one and it is AMAZING!

Fix Plus

3. Concealer

This too is the holy grail of concealers.  don’t know one person who wouldn’t recommend this or one makeup artist who doesn’t use this its just thaaaaaaaaat amazing. The Prolongwear concealer. This baby covers up anything and everything, dark circles, redness, scars. It’s a miracle in a bottle. My suggestion is to go 1-2 shades lighter than your normal foundation colour as it is a good highlight as well.

MAC concealer

4. Highlight

Considering highlighting and strobing is so in why wouldn’t I just jump on the band wagon. I mean who doesn’t want that JLo glow???? erm hello. Ok so I have two suggestions here my personal favourite is a cream highlight in the form of the cream colour base in Shell. But for those who aren’t yet brave enough to go cream then powder is for you as its easier to apply and a lot more forgiving. In that case id go with the Minerelise Skinfinish in soft and gentle or global glow. Both products give you that soft yet amazing shine as the light catches you. All of the mentioned shades suit almost all skin tones too. (Starting from the left: Global Glow & Shell. Bottom: Soft and Gentle)

global glow shell soft and gentle

5. Lipstick

I think MAC is most popularly known for their lipsticks. Yup they are that good. I’ve never had one bad experience with a MAC lippie. It was really difficult to pick my faves so I picked my top 3. I also decided to leave out the limited edition colours as it wouldn’t be fair to list them if you can’t get them anymore so I picked from their permanent collection. Firstly Faux, ahhhhh I love this colour its a nude pink shade and some would call it that Kylie Jenner lip shade. I really think its flattering on all skin tones, its opaque and very moisturizing as it is not a matte shade and is also very pretty.


Next comes Yash. This is the perfect nude. I know everyone will say that Myth is the perfect nude but its really light and not for those ladies with tan to darker skin tone. Unless you want those porn star lips of course. So for me Yash is the perfect nude for anyone with olive or tan skin. I also love it because it’s a matte shade so it lasts for sooo long.


Last but not least I could not go without a full on colour shade. I searched high and low for the perfect purple and once I found this I have never looked back! Yes its Living Legend. It’s the perfect purple, cherry black. Also from the matte range so lasts super long, as well as a colour that is right on trend and will suit everyone. Its daring but amazing, and I cant help but say MAC lipsticks smell divine.

living legend

6. Eyeshadow

Again another difficult one to pick a few, but again I picked my top 3. This time I went all nude because I think the nudes are more flattering on all skin tones and more wearable than the brighter shades for everyday. So my top 3 are: All that glitters a beautiful pink gold with shimmer that can look fantastic on its own all over your lid or paired with other shades, pretty for day but also sparkly for night so a versatile shade. Next we have Nylon, this is the perfect highlight shade whether under your brow bone or in the eye ducts this product is very pigmented and a little  goes a long way. Also you can use this as a cheek highlight and can be used by almost all skin tones. Lastly I’ve chosen soft brown. This is the perfect crease shade and can be used as a crease colour with absolutely any shade it just makes the colour transition that much more sleek and natural and makes the blending process simple. (From top to bottom starting from the left: All that glitters, Nylon and Soft brown).

all that glitters nylon soft brown

7. Bronzer

With highlight comes bronzer and I was late to jump on this bandwagon but ever since I have I’ve never looked back. Give me Sun! is my ultimate favourite ever bronzer. It is not to brown and not too orange its soft and light and super blendable. I would recommend it anyone and everyone who is in that olive to tan skin tone range.

give me sun

8. Blusher

Ok so here I was able to pick one and that’s only because the other blush I would have picked is limited edition meh. Ok so drumroll please…here we have Modern Mandarin. I picked this because I think pinks and reds don’t always suit everyone, are so predictable and really one shade I have been loving recently is that orange but peachy cheek and that Is exactly what Modern Mandarin is. It’s so pretty and would suit a lot of people.

modern mandarin

9. Setting Powder

If you want your makeup to last all day they setting powder will be your best friend. I can understand some people’s fear of looking cakey but that’s why I’ve chosen the one I have. Its light weight (it legit feels like you haven’t put anything on over your foundation it’s that light). It’s the Mineralise Skinfinish natural powder. It comes in a few shades its sheer too so don’t think the powder with transform he colour of your foundation. And a bonus for the oily ladies it gets rid of any sheen or shine and for the dry ladies like myself it doesn’t over dry you out or cling to dry patches.

medium plus

10. Eyeshadow Base

What is eye shadow if you don’t prep it properly? Haven’t you noticed that if you just apply eye shadow to your eyelid halfway through the day you have creases or sweat lines through it? Yup that’s where an eye shadow base comes in, it stops the shadow from creasing and also provides a cover for any eye veins or discoloration as well as a good canvas as the whole eye is one even colour. My favourite is the paint pot in soft ocre. They do have a few other colours so if this colour isn’t for you then no worries.

soft ocre

Ok so those are my top 10 best MAC products that I would definitely recommend for those who are unsure what to get and what products are really worth the hype. I would also say that these products would make the best MAC starter kit for anyone looking to try MAC out for the first time.

So I really hope you found this helpful and interesting, until next time.




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