My Haircare Guide

Hello my lovelies =)…

Ahhhhhhh the way I am so happy that summer has made a comeback lol. I really dislike winter…its like an everlasting feud between the two of us. Ok so I received a comment from a lovely follower/reader of my blog asking me to share some of my hair care tips and I thought what a great blog post that would be for me to write. I mean our hair kind of makes us who we are right. Most people chop and change their hair to portray their new style and likes. Our hair frames our faces and all in all our hair says a lot about us.

So I know as a girl obsessed with my hair that meant a lot of dyeing over the years, and I don’t mean salon appointments every month. I was a student on a student budget and that meant home dyeing in my sisters bathroom with box dyes and the dreaded PEROXIDE…eeeeek So trust me I know all about colour damage and hair breakage. But after a lot of TLC my hair is finally where I want it to be healthy and super long. So here are my tips and tricks to how I got my hair to the beauty it is today.

1. Shampoo and Conditioner

Ok this is like putting fuel into your car, you can’t go anywhere if you don’t. Same with shampoo and conditioner. You need to make sure that your hair is clean and that it is getting the nourishment it needs. You don’t want to not wash it and so your hair becomes oily and you scalp is congested with dirt and oil trust me your hair will start to look stringy and icky. You also don’t want to over wash it because then you’ll be stripping your hair of all its natural oils. I was my hair around 1-2 a week and use a conditioning mask at least once a week.

Now im going to be honest I don’t have a go to shampoo and conditioner, I really chop and change. If you’re looking for the budget friendly alternative my advice is anything from the L’Oreal Elvive range, I used to alternate between the different options in this range and it leaves your hair silky soft, and you can find it in any local store.


If budget is not an issue then what ive been using recently is from the Kerastase range and ive been using the Elixer range. It’s a rather pricey brand but its sooooo worth it as it not only smells amazing (its floral) but it leaves your hair feeling like silk for what feels like forever. I also particularly like the mask in this range and I leave in my hair for about 10 min after shampooing. This brand Is available online and at certain hair salons.


A tip I like to use is before I rinse the conditioner our I take a brush and brush through my hair, it just seems to help detangle my hair and when the conditioner has been rinsed out no tangles. Somehow I also feel like it helps to make your hair feel soft (but im not sure how). I use my tangle teezer because its less harsh on my hair than a normal brush because as you know brushing your hair while its wet is bad because your hair is more brittle when wet. If you do not have a tangle teezer, tangle angel or any other kind of detangling brush you can alternatively use your fingers.

Also when drying your hair try not to use a towel as it is rough on the hair, I use an old t-shirt and it works just as well. Its more gentle on the hair.

2. Hair Oil

So Im very picky with hair oil. I need something that will nourish my hair. I also don’t like artificial products with a lot of alcohol or added chemicals. My personal fave is an organic 100% argan oil and in all honesty other than heat protectant is the only hair oil I use. It makes your hair sooooo soft, less frizzy, it helps to repair any damage and it also helps with hair growth (oh and it can be used on your body as well). I apply 1-2 drops after washing while it’s still wet and then 1 drop after heat styling. I order mine online from amazon but im sure you can also get it locally if you do a google search. The key to knowing if its 100% argan oil is firstly check the ingredients the olny ingredient should be argan if there are other ingredients it’s not 100% and the more ingredients it has the less argan is probably in the bottle. Argan  oil is also kind of clear in colour so if its yellow it’s not it. lastly argan oil needs to be stored in a brown glass bottle as it is affected by the sun so if it’s in a plastic bottle or a glass bottle of any other colour it’s not 100%. The one that I use is:

Argan Oil

3. Heat Protector and Hot tools

Ok as much as I want to say don’t use heat that’s probably never going to happen. I use heat myself because my hair is easier to handle when its straight and also because my hair is naturally big waves it’s also easier to style when its straight. No after washing my hair I let it air dry so no blow dryer the less heat the better.  After its dry I apply heat protector, this is a crucial step you need to protect your hair as the heat damages the strands. I’m not picky about a specific brand but for the past 2 years ive been using the L’Oreal Elnett Salon range. I found this at my local Dischem so im sure any store should stock it.

Heat Protector

Ok once your hair has been protected then we can use heat. I personally flat-iron my hair you may blow dry its really up to personal preference. You want to avoid as much as possible using a tool that is waaaay to hot so anything where you can control the temp is two thumbs up! Remember the less heat or the less hot the better.

As I mentioned above once im done I apply one drop of argan oil and voila im done.

5. Brushes

Brushes are super important! yes they really are. Some brushes are too harsh on the hair and tend to pull out your hair. Just look at your brush after you’ve run it through. My personal fave is the tangle teezer I own like 3 of them lol. I also have the tangle angel wich is not as great but I use it when I flat-iron my hair as you can use it with heat and you can’t use the tangle teezer with heat. But my suggestion is to use a detangling brush rather than a normal brush its less harsh and doesn’t hurt at all.

tangle teezer

6. Hair Ties

Another strange thing that is super important. When styling your hair you don’t want to use hair ties that get caught in your hair and pull strands out and you also don’t want to tie your hair too tight and pull it too tight from the roots. You need to smooth it and tie a neat but lose pony or bun. I love to use and infact only use the spring like hair ties below. They are really cute don’t tangle with my hair, don’t pull out half of my hair and also don’t leave that dreaded hair band line when you take it out. They also last pretty long.

invisi bobble

7. Colouring

Ok as I said in the intro I’ve been there with the box dye and home peroxide. DISASTER! as much as its cheaper, my advice is if it’s a drastic change and if it involves bleach please go to a salon, they know what they are doing they are trained and they will use products that wont damage your hair. My hairdresser is a master colourist so I put my hair in her hands. I know its pricier but its worth it you’d rather pay then lose half your hair and yes I’ve lost more than half my hair to dye before. My hair broke after a bad home ombre attempt with peroxide and I had to cut it shoulder length for my university graduation it was horrible. You can see before and after pics below.

image2 (YEAR: 2013 About shoulder length hair)

image1 (YEAR: 2015 just above the waist)

image3 (YEAR: 2015 two weeks ago waist length)

Ok so all in all I treat my hair really well. I don’t skip steps, I try to use as little heat as possible and as little product as possible honestly you only need the essentials (shampoo, conditioner/hair mask, an oil and a heat protector) and I make sure it that if I’m styling it I don’t tie it too tight and that I use the correct hair ties. Your hair is your baby and the way you treat it will determine the way it looks and grows.

PS I sometimes go for a brazilian treatment (1-2 a year) just to manage the frizz. If you have really curly or frizzy hair or are like me with wavy hair then I suggest giving it a try it also helps with using less heat as your hair will be much straighter so you’ll either not require heat at all or it will take less time to style with heat.

I hope you found this helpful.




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