Well hello there my fellow beauty bingers! Happy Wednesday, we are only that much closer to the weekend! eep! Yup im excited..ive been very sick with a chest infection that doesn’t seem to want to go away and the amount of travelling ive done this past week is probably not helping =(. So I plan on getting a whole lot of rest this weekend and a whole lots of fluid in my system, snuggle up under a blanket and probably get the boyfriend to look after

Ok so I know that most off us have only just figured out the whole contouring and highlighting trend, probably after a whole lot of trail and error. But as we know new trends are always popping up just as we thought we would have been done spending money on new beauty products (I tell myself this to make me feel better but I doubt ill ever be done spending money on makeup) we start all over again.

So whats this new trend that’s been taking over social media and magazines? Its strobing!

Hmmm strobing, you’re probably thinking what on earth is that? but honestly its just a fancy word for saying highlighting really. So basically strobing is the use of highlighters or illuminators to ones high points of the face or the areas which we want to catch the light so that we can get the glowy or naturally lit face.

So whats the difference between strobing and highlighting and contouring?

Strobing vs contouring

The difference is pretty simple, when we highlight and contour we not only pick out on the areas that we want to catch the light but we also apply a darker colour to give the effect of shadows giving our face that chiseled definition. The difference with strobing is that we only focus on the highlighting and we leave behind the contour.

Ok so now we know what strobing is and how it differs from highlighting and contouring how can we achieve it? Here are some of the products I think will help in getting that perfectly strobed face ;).

1. Colour correctors

A colour corrector is almost like a concealer of sorts and it normally will come in the colours green or orange. You would use this on the areas where you have darker pigmentation (eg. your under eyes) or where you have red spots (eg. the corners of the nose). This is used before applying concealer and will assist in concealing any discolouration to give a flawless face.

Catrice 1 Catrice 2

2. Foundation

You want to apply a good foundation, my preference is a liquid foundation as the dewiness will assist in getting that fresh face rather than a powder or mattefying foundation which I feel will work against the look. Oh and don’t forget to apply a good primer or moisturizer before putting on your foundation.


3. Concealer

Now to really conceal all of our imperfections or discolourations we want to add the concealer on as well as placing it on the areas of the face that we want to highlight.

prolongwear concealer

4. Illuminate/Highlight

So this is where we will add some extra light on the face. You can apply your illuminator on top of where you applied the concealer and also to any other areas you feel you want to catch the light (eg. the cheekbones, chin, cupids bow).

MAC prep and prime highlighter

5. Shimmer

Once you have blended all of the product on your face (and neck do not forget your neck) and you have set it with the powder of your choice (you don’t want all that product to crinkle) you want to add some extra shimmer on your face in the areas that we have highlighted (eg. the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones, under the eyebrows, cupids bow).

Mary-lou Manizer

6. Setting Spray

Ok so now we want our look to stay put as well as to add that dewy fresh look to our faces and this can be achieved by applying a setting spray. (I honestly use this after applying moisturizer to prep my face as well as at the end to set it but how you use it is up to you).

Fix Plus

Happy strobing beauties




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