The Top 5 Eyebrow Trends That We Need To Leave Behind

I think that eyebrow game reached new levels in 2014 and continued into 2015. Never before have people been so obsessed with eyebrows!! We’ve all seen the hashtags such as #EyebrowsOnFleek #InstaEyebrows #EyebrowGame . Now im all for a defined strong eyebrow but not everyone seems to be doing this trend justice, I mean I’ve seen some cringe worthy eyebrows out there!

All that we ask for is eyebrows that look natural and enhance the structure of your face and not to mention just add that little ooompf to your makeup application. I just wish that, that was what we got when the brow trend erupted. Unfortunately 2014 and 2015 brought on some eyebrow trends that we need to leave behind I mean 2016 called and they don’t want your eyebrows! Heck how about we leave them behind today!

So here are the top 5 eyebrow trends that we seriously need to leave behind:

1. The shaved eyebrows

Come on! we’ve heard comedians make jokes about this, I mean who doesn’t remember Trevor Noah’s interpretation of this! Why would you shave your eyebrows to draw them back on? Your eyebrows are your guide to the shape you desire, I mean all you need to do is get them waxed or threaded into a pretty shape and you’re good to go! We don’t need anyone coming up with their own unique eyebrow shapes..Lets not determine our mood for the day on how we feel in the morning. I’ve seen not one good set of eyebrows come from shaving them all off.

Shaved eyebrows

2. Box Eyebrows

Eyebrows are supposed to look natural! Box eyebrows are like saying hey look I drew on my eyebrows today. It’s too harsh, they should have a natural fade as they come to the mid-point of your forehead. So don’t draw a box around your eyebrow, fill it in just passed the midway point and then either use an eyebrow brush to brush the product lightly to the rest of the brow to give it a fade or use an eyebrow powder to give it that lighter fade going into that darker arch and defined tip.

box brows

3. Halo Eyebrows

Why oh why do your brows look like they have been outlined with a concealer that is ten times too light for your face!?!?! It almost looks like you copied and pasted some brows on your face. I’m sorry but light is not the only concearler colour available on the market, you need to use something that is closer to your skin colour id say you might even get away with 1 or 2 shades lighter but nothing more!

Halo Brows

4. Tapered with a fade

Now this is one ive seen many people commit! In fact many people on my FB even let alone IG! Why do we want our eyebrows to look like they are joining in matrimony in the middle of our forehead? I don’t know it just does not make sense to me. It looks so unnatural..It honestly looks like you have a uni-brow. Like why?

tapered with a fade

5. Overly Tweased Eyebrows

The tweaser happy! stay away from the tweaser! I know its difficult especially for those who are eyebrow obsessed and want their brows to look identical (they never will stop trying) and want to twease what looks like regrowth..youll end up with no eyebrows, or thinning eyebrows. You want naturally full brows trust me you want it! So lets put the tweaser away ok.

Overlly tweased

So im really hoping we stop and think about this, natural is a million times better. Natural looking eyebrows are the ones that are really on fleek! So lets all sit in front of the mirror and practice because practice is how we end up with the perfect end result. Lets not commit anymore eyebrow offences and lets leave the bad trends behind.

So here’s to fuller looking naturally filled and shaped eyebrows, 2016 is thanking you already, lol.




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