7 Steps to finding the right foundation for you!

Buying foundation can seem like quite the daunting task especially with so many options out there on the market with each product claiming to do more things than the next! First off it may seem pretty overbearing to find the right brand, the right solution for your skin type and then to find the right shade and that’s not even all of the things you need to think of…and lets not even begin with the COST..eeek

But im here to save you, or at least make your job a little easier when finding the right foundation for you! I myself have bought foundations that I went home and tried and hated, they just didn’t work for my skin type, i’ve also had experiences where i’ve bought a foundation thinking it was my colour only to find when I tried it at home it was too dark or even too light. I wouldn’t want any of you to go through those kind of experiences especially if you are on a budget and wasting a couple hundred rand is tear worthy.

So here are my 7 easy steps to finding the right foundation for you!

1. What is your skin type?

By knowing your skin type you’ll be able to know what type of foundation would be best suited to you. I would say there are 5 broad skin types: Oily, Dry, Combination (Dry in some places and oily in others) and sensitive. Of course you can be more than one type but be sure to first identify the type that you are. For example I have extremely dry and sensitive skin. This means that a liquid foundation works best for me as it is hydrating and does not dry me out. I also have to use dermalogically tested foundations or more high-end brands which cater for my sensitivity. If you have oily skin you may want to try a powder or mattefying foundation to assist with shine control.

2. What are you looking for from your foundation?

By this I mean are you looking for something that gives a full, light or medium coverage? Do you want something that is buildable? Or are you just looking for something that has a tint to it for a more natural glow? By identifying what you want from your foundation you are further narrowing your selection down as some brands may offer a tinted moisturizer or a foundation that has fuller coverage for a longer period of time. In this step you should also determine whether or not you want your foundation to have a SPF or sunscreen variable to it (are you using it during the day? are you outdoors often?).

3. What are you using your foundation for?

What I mean by this is do you want a foundation for every day wear or are you just looking for something that you will only use on special occasions or nights out? If you want something for everyday then you’ll know you’ll need to buy something that you can afford to refill every few months (2-3 months id say) and if it’s for occasions maybe you can afford to splurge  once as it will last you much much longer or because buy a cheaper product as it’s not something you will get much use out of so there may be no need for investment (But please note that it’s probably only safe to keep a foundation for around 12-18 months before you should discard it as the oils inside it break down).

4. What is your budget?

By knowing your budget you’ll probably eliminate half or even more of the brands out there. Here you need to determine are you willing to invest in a brand name or a higher quality product or will drugstore (pharmacy as we call it here) do it for you. Lets look at it like this a bottle of Chanel foundation can set you back R500-R600 whereas a bottle of say Revlon foundation may cost between R200-R250. So you definitely want to set your budget and this will determine the counters to find yourself browsing through and the ones you should definitely stay away from!

5. Do your research

This is an optional step. I like to do this particular step when im about to try new beauty products. By research I mean read product reviews done by others in blogs or on YouTube even. I would suggest finding someone with a similar skin type to you as well as a similar skin colour to you then you can have a better view on what the product may look like on you and if it is suggested for you or not. HOWEVER do know that even a whole lot of research does not mean that if it worked for someone else that it will work for you, it is more of an idea or guideline of sorts.

6. Sample and test

I think that this could be one of the most important step. After all of the research and identifying what you are looking for now it’s finally time to see if it’s what you want! My suggestion if you don’t have money to throw around don’t just buy a foundation off the shelf without testing it out first. Go to the makeup counter tell them what you are looking for as well as your skin type. Ask them to put it on you and then DO NOT BUY IT ask for a sample to take home and try out first. I say this because you want to see what it looks like in different lights, photograph yourself (this will often identify if the foundation colour is either too light, too dark or just right for you). You want to see how your face reacts to the foundation (Once my sister and I went to test foundations, after we had the product applied we spent about an hour walking around the mall..shock and horror my sisters face was covered in rashy spots due to a reaction to the product), you also want to see if it works for your skin type (where you shiny at the end of the day or did it dry your skin out) and lastly you want to see if it does what you want (Did it give you full coverage, did it last for as long as you needed it to, or did you need to reapply throughout the day?). You definitely want to try the sample on a day where you will be doing your normal daily routine to see if it works for your routine.

7. Buy the product

And now the best part! once you have found the foundation that works best for you, you can finally purchase it.

I really hope these steps have and will help you in the search of your perfect foundation. Just remember to preserve it really will be worth it in the end.




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