Baby it’s cold outside ❄️

Never have I ever been so glad for the weekend to be here as I am right now. It’s been a rather hectic week..with work and being off sick with a rather nasty tummy well as the longest assignment I think I’ve ever had to do (well at least it felt that way) I hear the bells ringing that it’s Friday!!! 

So to celebrate this rather chilly Friday I’m going to share with all of you some weekend treats that you should look out for:

1) firstly have any of you been to the Johannesburg neighborgoods market? If not you really should give it a has some of the most delish food (that will be perfect for those winter cravings) and drink’s a very cozy, trendy and some might say hipster atmosphere but with free entry and tons of people there every Saturday you’re sure to have your share of’s on Saturdays at 73 Junta street Braamfontein from 9h00 till 15h00…here are some photos I took when I was there last weekend


2) now that winter seems to be upon us (crys inside..I really dislike winter) I’m sure we are all on the quest for things to keep us feeling cozy and warm. Now I’ve never really been a soup person the tins and sachets never did it for me they just taste so artificial! But alas Woolworths has made me soup lover! With their pre made soup mixes which are thick and tastey and are not stingy with the fillings I think they have themselves a winner and they are all under R50 👌🏽..below is my particular favorite fresh smoked bacon and orange sweet potato 

 I also like to add some garlic and parsley croutons (which also can be found at woollies) on top of my steaming bowl to add some really is worth a try and with so many flavor options there is something for everyone.

3) last but not least I can’t go a day in this weather without some hot beverages..a lovely cup of cappuccino to be quite expensive to go to the coffee shop or the work canteen to get a cup and quite mission to try and be the barista at home so my solution the just add hot water cappuccino of coffee just recently launched their hug in a mug brand which I got to taste at the one direction concert when they handed out free can find boxes at your local checkers..and they have a wide variety of options, my particular favorites are the vanilla cappuccino and the hot chocolate..and a box of ten sachets at checkers is R37,99. 

Happy Winter Snuggling





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