MAC Wash & Dry Lipstick Collection Review

So if you’re an avid fan of MAC you’ll have noticed that they recently launched their Wash & Dry collection. This collection is a limited edition pack and is perfect for summer…(now I know you’re probably reading this with a confused look as we are heading into winter) well of course MAC follows the American seasonal calendar so yes we will get summer collections in winter but lets just say we’ll be well prepared for what will be in for when we do hit summer again! 😉 ..This particular post will just be looking at the lipstick here goes..


The colours are as follows going left to right: Morange, Crème d’Nude, Steam Heat and Tumble Dry. I can’t even lie to you I’m pretty obsessed with how creative the MAC team is with naming their products in accordance to their overall theme…(two thumbs up!)..I’m also pretty much a fan of the packaging! I mean look at the metallic gradient pretty modern don’t you think..I’m drawn to anything colourful and bright..WIN! Lastly these lipsticks fall into their satin range so they will be very soft, smoothe and have a slight shine to them once applied..

Image result for wash and dry mac tumble dry

So my particular favourite is Tumble Dry (as seen above) which is a sort of coral colour of sorts. I was very eager to get myself one of these bad boys. Now I firstly am not a fan of going to the mall and mostly do my shopping online and secondly the nearest MAC store to me is well not so near…so of course I would have bought it online..however..some sixth sense if I can call it that told me to take the trip to the store which I did to give the products a try..

Shock and horror I was really disappointed! The colour was not very pigmented and very sheer, almost like a tinted lip ice or lip moisturiser. I’ve never experienced that with MAC lipstick before (and I’m really a fan of their lipsticks) but I’m so glad I didn’t buy this before trying it on. I was even rather to afraid to try the others on in the thought that they would disappoint me too especially because these bad boys retail for R230.00 each!

So I’m pretty much not sold on this collection..maybe you think differently? or you agree? I really wished that I had loved this collection but in honest truth it could have been better.




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