Acrylic Makeup Storage

So a part of me wanted to wait until all the items that I had ordered arrived but I am feeling like an eager beaver that wants to show you the beauties that I have uncovered!

Sometimes I tend to think I’m a little bit on the agro or OCD front when it comes to organization..I mean what’s more annoying then having so many makeup products that you forget you have or lose because they are tucked away in a makeup bag or in multiple places around your room 🙈..eek I can feel myself having heart palpitations as I speak of this!

But alas! I have found the most stylish and really not so expensive (if you know where to search) solution. Acrylic makeup cases. I’m sure if you’re into celebs and reality TV you’ve seen the likes of the kardashians using this storage mechanism for their makeup.

Ok so here is the first piece that arrived (I’ll be sure to do a follow up piece on the other items I ordered).


This particular unit is a little on the smaller side..but still very effective. It has a portion on the top for brushes and bottles as well as slots on the right hand side for lipsticks (longer lip gloss tubes probably won’t fit). It also has three drawers they are not deep and can fit at least 1 urban decay naked sized palette in them. Id say before you buy one of these check the measurements as well as the feedback comments on the site they tend to be helpful, then you won’t be so disappointed thinking it should have been bigger when something smaller arrives.

Ok so on to the prices and places you can find them! If you’re not eager on the international sites and shipping don’t fret you can get these locally (they will just have different shapes and sizes). So I ordered this particular item on Amazon it was about $24 (without shipping and taxes) I know you can also find this on eBay..I did also ordered a bigger sized one on eBay for about $64 (including shipping and taxes). I know you can get these locally on 27pinkx a nice luxury organizer for R1800.00, they also have smaller sizes as well as brush and lipstick holders so if you are still a little on the fence about online shopping abroad definitely try 27pinkx (they also have some other amazing products on their website and erm did you see their beauty vending machine in sandton??? Amaze balls!!) 

Well that’s all from me lovelies..happy organizing!




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