DIY eyebrow tinting 

well hello there lovelies..apologies for the delayed post I’ve really been swamped with work and trying to get my honors thesis on a roll..well maybe more like start it..haha..but none the less here goes! 

So I have extremely fair..light or pretty much non existent eyebrows..and it’s even worse in pictures it’s like they have camera fright! Eeeek! So before I tinted them I forgot to take a picture silly me so I went through the archives to find a makeup free selfie for you to see my brows before tinting.. 

As you can see pretty much browless 🙈..

So normally one would go to a salon and get them tinted but 1) I seem to be allergic to the dye they use..and I’ve tried different salon franchises because I break out in itchy rashes all over my face but especially around the eyebrows.. And 2) it’s pretty expensive to go to the salon all the I tint them at home by myself.

I use a henna that you would normally use for your hair or to mehndi your’s really easy, fast and effective. 

So firstly I will mix up the product in a small bowl and I use a small brush to apply it over the eyebrows..if you’re afraid that you won’t be precise or you’re a beginner outline your brows with some Vaseline so that you won’t dye your face (we don’t want that happening) 

Then let it sit for a few min..I’d say 5min or less. It’s really that fast..don’t leave it too long trust me once I fell off to sleep with it on and geeeeez where my brows DARK that and the skin under my brows 😱..

Once that’s done wipe the product off with a wet wipe..and voila! You have the perfect tinted brows! 

So yes I do still fill my brows with pencil and eyebrow gel but the tint helps to give me a shape and also helps for those days where dare I say it leave the house without makeup on, but for those of you who have more eyebrows then me with a tint you probably won’t even need to fill or shape your brows after..look at that less product and more money to spend lol.

Thus I would definitely recommend tinting your brows after a wax or thread you’ll really see the difference.

Much love



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