Too Faced melted lip stain/gloss -Review and Swatches

There are so many cosmetic brands that are not so easy to find on our’s always so disheartening watching or reading a review on a product that you’d love to try but can’t.

But alas! There are quite a few online sites and individuals who have pages on FB that have started to sell these hard to find international brands here in SA 😁..ah what excitement!

Before I start on this review I would just like to send out a HINT: do your research some of these sites and individuals put a ridiculous markup on these products and so they can cost you the earth and an arm and maybe a leg too! 

Ok so I got hold of these beauties from an online site called Biovea (I’ve seen a lot of complaints about this site on hello Peter but I never experienced any issues with them I received my parcel within 3 working days) they cost R316 each and delivery is free for orders over can also try a site called hashtagawesome they retail for R449 each plus about +/- R50 for shipping.

I got two colours melted berry and melted nude. I love the packaging it’s cute, even the squeeze bottle is very cute and convenient (I have a tendency of losing lipstick lids in my handbag so the twist lid is perfect). The applicator is an angled felt like tip which is really nice and helps to spread the product evenly and is nice and soft on the lips.

The colour is very pigmented even for the light colours (it’s a lot like a lip stain) easy to apply and does not squirt out of the bottle so it’s not too thin and not too thick. It’s not sticky like a gloss, it glides on and even though it has a shine it’s not too shiny. I think this glossy stain could last a good few hours on your lips but would fade throughout the day dependent on your activities (Eating, drinking, talking etc), I would watch out for colour transfer it does look like the darker colours could leave a bit of transfer so watch your teeth and coffee mugs.

For a first impression I’m very impressed I must say it is totally worth the money spent!

Below are the swatches I took:

I hope you found this review helpful..let me know what you think of the product or if there are other products or dupes you recommend.




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